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Holistic Health & Personalised Nutrition Approach

Nutrition as a Therapy along with an Holistic Health & Personalised Nutrition Approach can be modern days’ most effective and safe truth in various Lifestyle, Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases.

Having 20+ years of global experience in Nutrition & Healthcare in various therapy areas, with this approach I am fortunate to have helped many in reversing, controlling, and preventing various ailments such as Diabetes, PCOS, Weight Loss, Digestive Disorders, Arthritis, Cancer and in Post-Operative Recovery, Building Health, Fitness, Mindfulness, Immunity & Growth even through these tough COVID pandemic times.

To take this Mission of Holistic Health & Happiness and Strong Purpose of Reducing Disease Burden forward, I founded TRUWELLTH Integrative Healthcare which provides Holistic Health & Personalized Nutrition Consultations with Eminent Medical, Surgical and Nutrition Experts.

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