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Personalised Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

TRUWELLTH strongly believes in an Integrative Healthcare Management Approach in Effectively Treating and Guiding Patients and Health Individuals to Control, Prevent & Reverse Lifestyle, Auto-immune as well as Infectious Diseases to help them Reach the Ultimate Goal of Holistic Health & Happiness To take this mission of Holistic Health & Happiness forward, TRUWELLTH Integrative Health Centers and Online/Teleconsultation platform provides Holistic Health & Personalized Nutrition Consultations with Multiple Eminent/ Internationally Trained and Experienced Medical, Surgical and Nutrition Experts on our panel.

Step by Step Process

  • Holistic Health Assessment including Vital Organs Health
  • Assessment of Nutrition Status Habits Cuisines & Lifestyle
  • Understanding Current Treatment & Setting Health Goals
  • Integrative Scientific Evidence Based Nutrition Planning
  • All Meals Personalized with Counselling & Regular Monitoring

Integrative & Personalised Nutrition Planning

  • Designing Personalised 35 Meals
  • Eliminating or Avoiding Foods Drinks Bad Habits
  • Balancing Macronutrients -Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Fiber
  • Correcting Micronutrient Deficiencies
  • Improving Digestion & Satiety
  • Ensure Adequate Hydration
  • Enhancing Quality Sleep


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Its helps people reach the health condition they individually aspire.

The challenge is to identify SNPs that impact diet–gene interactions and identifying those individuals and populations likely to respond to specific dietary interventions.

Overall, the available evidence suggests that dietary intake is improved to a greater extent in participants randomly assigned to receive PN advice compared with generalized dietary advice.

Metabolic profiling technologies can assist at various levels of the development of functional foods, from screening for food composition to identification of new biomarkers of food intake to support diet intervention and epidemiological studies.